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Girl’s Night {Photo Friday}

The girls and I were stuck in the house for more than a week with some sort of evil flu like bug.  I promised a dinner out for their favorite – Hibachi – as soon as everyone was better. My youngest and I aren’t in the picture because, well, we weren’t looking (or feeling) our […]

Inside the Student Guide

Greek Myths {A Memoria Press Review}

My daughter loves mythology, so she was happy to get started working on the Greek Myths curriculum from one of my  favorite classical education publishers – Memoria Press. This program was designed to give your student all the tools they need to learn and remember the essentials of Greek mythology. “A mythology is a culture’s […]

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. {Homeschool Art Review}

Let me start by saying this: I love teaching and exploring art with my kids. Being able to spend as much time as we want drawing, painting and creating is one of the reasons I love homeschooling. I’ve had my eye on ARTistic Pursuits Inc. for years, so I was delighted to have the opportunity […]

Homeschooling Life

Cherry Blossoms

To Sakura Matsuri and Back Again

Last week, three teens, a tween and I piled into the car and headed for Brooklyn to attend Sakura Matsuri, the annual Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Driving from Connecticut to Brooklyn can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 17 hours, depending on traffic. Sometimes it’s worth the effort. The festival is […]

After the final bow for Into The Woods.

Curtain Call {Photo Friday}

Every actor dreams of that moment, that one moment when the audience erupts into cheers and you step forward, center stage to take the last bow of the night. My girl has waited for this, for her moment to play the lead, and to be the last actor to come forward at the end of […]


It’s Almost Showtime, Again

So. I haven’t mentioned lately that my stage mom days aren’t quite over. The Butterfly (12) took the fall semester off from performing, but she decided to return to acting and voice lessons in January. The time off showed her just how much she missed being on stage and she couldn’t wait to get back […]

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Captive DVD {a movie review}

My teen and I were recently given the opportunity to review a film from We chose Captive from their diverse collection of DVD’s, which includes hundreds of titles for  family entertainment. Captive is a thriller / drama that explores the complexity of determining right from wrong, finding the courage to make good choices and […]

Cat in a bowl

Never Give Up Naptime

I was lazing around online the other day, drinking coffee and keeping up with all that is exciting in the world by watching the trending topics on a search engine. Watching what other people search for obsessively can be both amusing and disturbing. On this day, I was shocked to find napping on the popular list. Yes, […]

Let Me Count the Ways {Flashback Friday}

The following post was originally published on BrookfieldPatch, in April 2011. Way back then, my little women were really little and still in public school. We had recently rescued a sweet, gentle dog, who still makes me smile everyday. She’s next to me as I type. I’ve been taking a lot of heat from my […]

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Homeschooling High School


7 Colleges for Homeschooled, Unschooled and Self-Directed Learners

  I began researching colleges last year, when my daughter began her Freshman year of homeschooling high school. Does that sound a bit early? I feel that the more I know about college requirements for homeschooled students, the more effectively I can prepare my daughter for the admissions process. I think as a homeschool parent, it’s essential to know all the options available. […]

Uzinggo Math and Science Review

High School Homeschool Lessons with Uzinggo

There is one aspect of homeschooling high school that has worried me for quite some time. How do I teach higher level math and science? I am all for learning along side my girls, but algebra? Chemistry? Can you hear my whining voice? Do I have to relearn geometry? The answer is no! Homeschooling parents […]

Dual Credit at Home

How to Earn Dual Credit for High School and College

Disclosure: I received course materials for free in exchange for a  candid and honest review of this high school home school curriculum. All opinions are my own. Homeschooling through the high school years can feel like a daunting task. For the past year, I’ve been exploring the different ways for my daughter (14) to complete […]

Self-Directed Learning for Teens

What can a teen accomplish, given the right tools, resources and mentor support? Amazing things. Last week I wrote about designing your own high school curriculum and exploring self directed learning with my homeschooled teen. I know that this age group is capable of finding their way (with guidance). Recently, I  found this video profile […]

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