Little High, Little Low {The Trials of a Sugar Addict}

magnolia cupcakes

The following post is a flashback, written shortly after I was diagnosed with Lyme and put on a restricted diet. Years later,  I'm still on it. I'm still dealing with Lyme. A true addict, I'm still craving the sweet stuff. A few things are essential to my happy survival. They are faith, hope, love and until I was forced to give it up, sugar. I fueled my addiction from a very young age. I clearly remember my favorite commercials as a kid, advertising my favorite paths to a sugar high. I'm not blaming the media for my addiction or threatening a lawsuit claiming they have destroyed my health. I'm just strolling down memory lane, thinking … [Continue reading]

The One About Midlife, Mountains, and Becoming an Antique

Cornwall Bridge, CT

 An antique covered bridge delivers you into the tiny center of Cornwall with fanfare, as the booming sound of tires on wood reverberates around you. The tiny village sits seemingly sheltered from this century, in the northwest corner of Connecticut,  surrounded by mountains and a river. We always take this detour off the main road and over the bridge. We pull over by the river, Dave and I, with our coffee and cameras. He goes to the river's edge, to get the perfect shot of the Housatonic passing under the bridge. I stare at the antique buildings and surrounding gardens, trying to see history, to see the town as it once was.  I … [Continue reading]

Do Homeschoolers Think They Are Superior?

homeschool moms

Have you met that homeschool mom with those exquisitely well behaved, neatly groomed, spelling-bee winning, piano playing prodigies for children? Does … [Continue reading]

Zen and the Art of Shoveling Snow

snowy driveway

Here where hell has frozen over in New England, we're accustomed to long snowy winters. We have a plan to deal with all the snow that falls. We have … [Continue reading]

6 Homeschool Art Projects Your Kids Will Love

Art Lesson

Art is a nation’s most precious heritage. For it is in our works of art that we reveal to ourselves and to others the inner vision which guides us as … [Continue reading]

Fresh Eyes on Autumn

Main Street Newtown

I saw the world with fresh eyes this morning. Everywhere my gaze landed glistened with a sprinkle of snow, the first of the season. Instead of … [Continue reading]

Blurred Around the Edges

delaware bay sunset

I'd love to paint you a clear picture of where I've been or what we've been doing these past couple of months.  Can I simply say it's complicated? … [Continue reading]

Learning Math with Minecraft and Base 10 Blocks

Mincraft with Base 10 Blocks

My daughter recently discovered that base 10 blocks are perfect for recreating Minecraft structures, people and animals in real life.  She made this … [Continue reading]

My Tween Needs Yoga {and so do I}

kids yoga pose, camel pose

It's 4:30 on a beautiful summer afternoon. My 10 year-old just had a mini-melt down. She couldn't find the DVD she desperately wanted. You've been … [Continue reading]

Discussing Body Image and Marilyn, On Her Birthday

marilyn 2

If I told you that I've spent a great deal of time thinking about how my daughters feel when they look in the mirror, it would be an understatement. … [Continue reading]

A Walk in the Marshlands

rye new york, marshlands

We hopped in the car early on Mother's Day morning. My oldest daughter and I drove to meet my mom for a morning walk at the Marshland  Sanctuary in … [Continue reading]

How to Earn Dual Credit for High School and College

Dual Credit at Home

Disclosure: I received course materials for free in exchange for a  candid and honest review of this high school home school curriculum. All opinions … [Continue reading]

A Little Love, A Little Change

Love and a Cat

It's a rainy Friday afternoon. My house is trashed from a week of having work done on an upstairs bathroom. I'm amazed at how a little tearing down … [Continue reading]

Learning to Shine

Playing the Queen of Hearts in Alice: A New Musical

I know, I know. You're sick of me writing about my kids performing. You're tired of watching me grapple with the  stage-mother within. Still, I have … [Continue reading]

Following Your Child’s Lead is Essential to Their Happiness {and yours}


It trips parents up. Often. We assume that we know what will make our kids happy - and they don't.  Occasionally, when introducing something new, … [Continue reading]

My Top 5 Vendors to Visit at GHC


What part of attending a homeschool convention do you look forward to most? Meeting other homeschooling parents? Gaining inspiration and being … [Continue reading]

How to Support your Child’s Passion for Performing Without Becoming an Obnoxious Stage Mom

Playing Toto

"I will never be a stage mom like that," I swore.  It was 1991, in San Diego, California. I was younger. Newer. Blonder. My roommate, Miss Indiana … [Continue reading]

The Winter Blues {Photo Friday}

winter in newtown

It just won't melt. The snow, the ice, the gloom continues to sit still and hang on, while we are desperate to move on.   This photo was taken at … [Continue reading]

Unit Study Ideas: Exploring a Career in Medicine


One of our favorite ways to learn about a new topic in depth (without pressure, worksheets or textbooks) is to read a biography and study the life of … [Continue reading]

Yes, I Miss Summer. And Babies.

Sunset Swim

It snowed again today. It was a mere 5 inches (I'm guessing).  The first 3 or 4 storms of the season are charming. We stay inside, build a fire and … [Continue reading]