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journalism curriculum

Journalism Courses for High School Homeschoolers

As a journalist and a homeschool mom, I feel that it’s important for all high school students to learn the basics of journalism, to develop an understanding how the media influence us and to be critical and careful in their news consumption.  Whether your homeschooled student is interested in media ethics, developing their reporting and […]

FlipStir Puzzles {Enlivenze Review}

Every once in a while, I have the pleasure of reviewing a product that is entirely unique. The Solar System FlipStir Puzzle from Enlivenze LLC is one of these products. My intention was to review it with my 9 year-old, but she wasn’t the only one who wanted to give this puzzle a try! What […]

She wanted to meditate by the lake...

Finding Peace at Lake Waramaug {Photo Friday}

It’s easy to find a peaceful spot along Lake Waramaug  in New Preston, CT. It’s quiet, peaceful, and there is absolutely no cellular service to be found. The lack of cell service is jarring at first. As soon as you adjust to not being able to check in on anything, you can take a deep […]

The Ultimate Daily Planner for students

What We’re Reading {August}

Since I was a kid, summer has always been a time for binge reading. Unfortunately, adulting doesn’t leave as much time as I would like to sit around in the sun with a good book, so I sneak a little reading in here and there when I can manage. I had to start off August […]


CTCMath Homeschool Membership {Review}

I am always on the lookout for great quality math instruction for my kids.  Over the past 6 weeks, we’ve been using the Homeschool Membership from CTCMath to review and practice algebra as preparation for upcoming standardized tests, but it’s uses go far beyond test prep! CTCMath is an online math curriculum that covers all […]

Homeschooling Life

Geography Pages

Simplify Your Homeschool with {Review}

Have you tried adding notebooking to your homeschool days? I was delighted  to explore this approach with my kids by using the Lifetime Membership from  This resource provides a great way to enhance learning and  allow your kids to create a beautiful portfolio showcasing what they’ve learned. Since this approach is somewhat new to […]

Enjoying her daily shinrin-yoku.

Bring A Little Shinrin-Yoku Into Your Life

My grandmother knew this to be true: spending time in nature is essential for your well-being. In her late 80’s she came to live with us, and I saw how she incorporated this into her life. She required herself, as a rule, to spend an hour a day outside, connecting with nature. I could see […]

Cherry Blossoms

To Sakura Matsuri and Back Again

Last week, three teens, a tween and I piled into the car and headed for Brooklyn to attend Sakura Matsuri, the annual Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Driving from Connecticut to Brooklyn can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 17 hours, depending on traffic. Sometimes it’s worth the effort. The festival is […]

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When my baby was still small...

Sweet Little Faces {Throwback Thursday}

Long relaxing summer days aren’t really a “thing” here this year. Finding time to write is a challenge in every season, but right now, it’s nearly impossible. But I don’t want to lose touch. I have plenty to say, just not enough time to say it all.  Instead, I’m going to direct you back to […]

SPD Blogs

5 Must Follow Blogs for Homeschooling A Child with Sensory Processing Disorder

Homeschooling a child with Sensory Processing Disorder brings up unique challenges. One of the most difficult things I’ve dealt with is a general lack of understanding from other moms and their advice – while given with good intentions –  simply doesn’t apply. Finding support and encouragement within your local homeschool group may not always be […]

My 9 year-old, enjoying using Forbrain

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd {Review}

  I was delighted to have an opportunity to review Forbrain – Sound For Life LTD and try out their bone conduction headset with my youngest daughter. I had read about the many benefits of this product, particularly for children with with sensory and auditory processing issues, so I was curious to see if it would be an effective learning aid for […]

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Homeschooling High School


7 Colleges for Homeschooled, Unschooled and Self-Directed Learners

  I began researching colleges last year, when my daughter began her Freshman year of homeschooling high school. Does that sound a bit early? I feel that the more I know about college requirements for homeschooled students, the more effectively I can prepare my daughter for the admissions process. I think as a homeschool parent, it’s essential to know all the options available. […]

Uzinggo Math and Science Review

High School Homeschool Lessons with Uzinggo

There is one aspect of homeschooling high school that has worried me for quite some time. How do I teach higher level math and science? I am all for learning along side my girls, but algebra? Chemistry? Can you hear my whining voice? Do I have to relearn geometry? The answer is no! Homeschooling parents […]

Connecticut College

9 {More} Colleges for Homeschooled, Unschooled and Self-Directed Learners

Due to the overwhelming  response to my last post 7 Colleges for Homeschooled, Unschooled and Self-Directed Learners, I have decided that a series of follow-up posts are needed to cover this topic accurately!  My next list covers a wider geographic area and isn’t limited to the North East (though it still isn’t balanced).  Many schools […]

Dual Credit at Home

How to Earn Dual Credit for High School and College

Disclosure: I received course materials for free in exchange for a  candid and honest review of this high school home school curriculum. All opinions are my own. Homeschooling through the high school years can feel like a daunting task. For the past year, I’ve been exploring the different ways for my daughter (14) to complete […]

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