Weep With Those Who Weep

It happened today, as I began to prepare my daughter for her final performance of  A Christmas Carol at Edmond Town Hall in Newtown, CT.  The news came through of a shooting at the elementary school in Sandy Hook.

Last night, I stood in the Newtown General Store with my daughters, chatting with the musical director of the show, to be performed later that night. She is my daughter’s beloved music teacher. A friend. For the first time, my girls met her two little boys. We laughed as my youngest daughter and her youngest son shyly eyed each other.

This morning watching the news, I remembered where her sweet boys went to school.

I received news early that she was reunited with her older son. And she was waiting for her little one.

We waited and prayed and hoped for his safety all day. At 3pm, she was still waiting on news of the whereabouts of her little boy, the sweet little dark haired boy that stood next to us last night in the market, who sat a few rows behind us during the performance.

I finally received a call.

I long to go back to last night and warn them. I long to change the events of this day and give  her back her child tonight and say no, this didn’t really happen because this could never happen here, in our little spot on the map. I long to take the pain from my friend who has been a ray of light in the lives of my own children. I long to give her back the light of her life, her beloved son.

And now I weep. Because there is nothing I can say. Because there is nothing I can do to make the events of this day different. Because there is nothing I can do to make anything okay.

I am powerless.

I can only weep for the loss of this one beautiful child, for the loss of all of the beautiful children that were taken far too soon from their mother’s arms.

I can only weep with them and for them and for as long as they need.


My blogging group has come together to help the family mentioned above. For more information on how you can help and make a donation, please see Fabulous Blogging.

  • I have no more words…no more tears. I’m so broken for these families.

  • Audra

    Thank you.

  • Stacy Harris

    I don’t have anything to say.. my heart breaks. I can’t imagine being so close to something like this.

  • Oh Amy, that is just how I feel — so powerless and heartbroken — and I can only imagine how your pain is magnified by knowing one of the victims. Thank you for posting this, because I am truly at a loss for words. I too just want to weep with these families and hug them for as long as they need.

  • I am so sorry for all of your loss in Newtown. No words, only prayers.

  • Audrey Howitt

    I think we are all stunned. I cannot imagine losing a child. Especially, not this way. I am so touched by this post. My heart goes out to everyone touched by this–

  • Mark

    My heart breaks and I am full of tears from such a horrible thing that has happened today. I pray for all those that have been affected by the shootings today and all those families that have lost their precious child. I just can not believe this has happened again. Please everyone pray for peace in our world and pray for all those that that were affected today. Thank you to all the teachers that saved hundreds of lives of innocent children.

  • Please give her our heartfelt thoughts.

  • So horrible for your friend. I can’t imagine.

  • JanineHuldie

    I am just left speechless and my heart is so heavy tonight. Just so sorry for their loss and please know I am praying.

  • Words fail me. Praying.

  • Becca

    So sad. Sending love & prayers.

  • Cyndi

    I.AM.SO.SORRY. There are no words. There is only raw emotion. I am praying and thinking of you and your friend.

  • My prayers go out to all those involved and to all those in pain after this event.

  • Pinky

    I am almost speechless at this horror!I can not imagine the pain for these families. I pray for their strength. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Nichole

    I am heartbroken and praying.

  • Stephanie Sprenger

    I too am speechless, and cannot stop repeating the phrase in my head, “There, by the grace of God, go I.” It is senseless.

  • Daisy

    My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Newtown.

  • Tara Renee

    Just heartbroken for these families. Praying for God’s supernatural peace that passes all human understanding tonight and in the many long & hard days to come. Truly weeping with them 🙁

  • I’m so sorry. I have no clue how this could possibly feel for you, your babies, or your friend. But I am thinking of you guys, and my heart is with you.

  • Thank you for finding the strentgh to post this, Amy. As devastating and senseless as today’s tragedy has been, it needs to be witnessed and have a voice. Thank you for being the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves. Blessings and healing to you & all whom you love.

  • This was a terrible event that has touched so many. The voices of the little children, their smiles, and most importantly, their innocence in this senseless act are forever lost, but forever remembered. We look for answers and to understand, but who can understand what never should have happened? My prayers go out to all who are, and have suffered because of this tragic act of violence.

  • Amy, my heart goes out to you today and to your friend and her family – to all the families who lost loved, precious little ones, and to all those children who had to witness this horrific act of violence. I’m thinking of you. x

  • Sending my light, love and all the positive energy I can muster, back home, to the people who need to know that we care, and we love them.

  • I am weeping too Amy. So senseless and sad.

  • Today’s sad story weigh so heavy in all of our hearts. When any child dies, its heartbreaking, when a child is abused, or murdered, we cant grasp the reality of it. 20 deaths in one shooting today! Is it more tragic because all of them were killed together? What if 211 kids died? Imagine how we’d be feeling? Well, in 2010, 211 CHILDREN were KILLED…. by drunk drivers on our roadways!!! yes, their lives taken, violently, senselessly, violently. That they didn’t all die together at the hands of one murderer, doesn’t make it any less tragic. Look at the number of CHILDREN lost in just that one year! Yes, we need to stop the killing in our schools. But YOUR child has a FAR FAR GREATER chance of being killed by a drunk on the road than by a shooter, do the math! what percent higher risk are our kids at for dying by a drunk driver than by a shooter??? so when you hug your kids extra, as we all should every day, remember that too! teach them gently, love them dearly. Please, use this time remembering the horror of children taken from us by acts of violence, to also recall, and pray for the families, HUNDREDS of them, who’s children are killed on our roads. THESE ARE NOT ACCIDENTS AND ARE NO LESS TRAGIC than what happened here in our country today. Violence is violence, murder is murder. Tragedy, is tragedy… get in an uproar, take a stand.. AGAINST ALL OF IT!!!!!! Many families who lose loved ones in drunk driving cases lose more than one family member, because families often are traveling together. Please pray for ALL victims of violent crimes and their surviving, if you can call it that, loved ones! AND TAKE ACTION! AND TAKE A STAND! GET JUST AS ANGRY AT ALL OF IT AS AT SOME OF IT! thank you! <3 and prayers for all!

  • So sorry for the loss of loved ones. It is an evil that touches at the heart of our nation. Let’s pray that we can overcome this as a nation by dealing with this and elimnating it from our land.

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  • Heart breaking for all affected. I shared your beautiful pic on FB. There is no way any condolences can ever replace the joy of a child. Prayers for the entire community coming from our house in CA.

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  • Eddie@The Usual Mayhem

    I am so sorry for your friend’s loss. I can’t imagine anything worse.

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  • Raquel

    Your post was really well written and I pray for you, your friend, their child, the children and families devastated by this sad tragedy. God bless you and your daughters. May you be a ray of light shining to all who need it most in your life. Warmly, Raquel

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  • Dawn

    I fell compelled to respond to you, Lynne. Way to hijack someone’s thought provoked/provoking post. Yes, it is sad when a little one dies (for that matter any one) for an unknown reason. It DOES make it worse when multiple little children die in one senseless act. This tragedy is moving on multiple levels. Gun control, school safety, mental health diagnosis, metal health awareness, child control…while you do make a good point about all of the other children that die in one YEAR, this was in one DAY…in only a few hours.

  • Any tragic event involving children is just so awful. It makes me sick, it’s as if no where is safe for our child. My prayers and thoughts are with all the family who has lost they precious little angel. RIP. 🙁

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  • Amy

    Thank you, Dawn, for responding to this. I agree with you.

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  • Melissa C.

    Amy, thank you for this post. Indeed, we weep with those who weep. If you would be so kind, please let your friend know that I am praying for her, her husband, and her oldest son. I have been and will continue to pray each time the Holy Spirit prompts me to, for as long as He does so. Thank you. May the Lord bless you and keep you, make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift His countenance upon you, and give you peace.

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