Aboriginal Art with Sharpies

My girls have been fascinated by Australia lately – the wildlife, the landscape and (of course) the mythical mermaids. This interest has launched us into a study of the land down under, including the history and art of the Aborigines.

I wanted to add a hands-on art project to our study. My friend Cyndi, at the Sharpie Artist, inspired me to give sharpies a try. I love her work and I thought it would be a fun, easy medium to use to create abstract and aboriginal art with my little women.

We viewed page after page of aboriginal art for inspiration, but decided to make it our own and create freely. We used some of the symbols, animals and lots of dots. This was our first time working with Sharpies. We played around with swirly lines, sharp edges and tons of colors.

sharpie art for kids, abstract sharpie art

Sharpie Art for Kids

What You Will Need to Create Sharpie Art:

  • Thick paper.
  • Sharpies in your favorite colors.
  • Cardboard to go under the paper (just in case the color bleeds through).
  • Imagination!

Find something to inspire you (like we did) or start with simple shapes and lines on paper.

Begin with an outline first and then fill in, layer, add color and expand on your design.


You’ll notice that we strayed a bit at times from traditional aboriginal art.

No rules are necessary! Our one goal was to enjoy the process. 

My youngest (age 6) loved this project. She spent the next two days making all different kind of pictures with Sharpies.  We’re still working on washing the colors off of her fingers!

Resources and lessons about Aboriginal Art:


This post is part of my series 5 Days of Summer Homeschool Art Projects.