Back to School Toolkit Giveaway

I’m thrilled to be teaming up with 35 bloggers for this amazing giveaway event! Each blogger has put together a basket of back to school goodies – some with the help of generous sponsors – to giveaway at the end of this week.

My toolkit is full of items that I would love to receive myself and I hope that winning this  gift basket (valued at $125) will be a treat and a lift for another mom and her kids.

ToolkitHere’s what you could win in my Back to School Toolkit Giveaway:

$50 Gift Card from Mardel: is more than a curriculum store. Explore their homeschool resource center and curriculum explorer which can assist you in finding the curriculum that is right for your family.

$5 Gift Card from CurrClick. Not familiar with Currclick? Head over to their site and register for their open house. It is a wonderful resource for live, online classes and a wide variety of affordable homeschool resources.


Keyboard Classroom is a typing program that guarantees that your student will learn to type within 6 months. Includes the program on CD, instructions and their patent pending finger guides. Retail Value: $39.95

Journeys of  Faithfulness: Stories of Life and Faith for Young Christian Women, by Sarah Clarkson.  This book explores the paths of Mary and Martha, Esther, Ruth and Mary, mother of Jesus, encouraging young women to go deeper and reach higher in the faith. This gift is compliments of Apologia Press. Retail Value: $13.00

Read for the Heart: Whole Books for Wholehearted Families by Sarah Clarkson. This book has 385 pages of valuable resources for homeschoolers who love a living books / Charlotte Mason approach. This book will help you make great literature choices for your child’s life and education. Compliments of Apologia Press. Retail Value: $17

Coordinated Paris Decorative  Box, note block and pen. Retail Value: $18.00

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My giveaway is only one of 35 giveaways happening this week through the iHomeschool Network. Be sure to check out all the amazing resources being offered as a part of this event! There has to be a basket of supplies that will be helpful to you in preparing for the upcoming year!




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  • Molly

    I’m liking the box, and also the gift card!

  • Kathy T

    Love the gift cards!

  • Becky W

    The Keyboarding would be such a blessing to my four girls!

  • Amy

    Read for the Child’s Heart sounds like a great book!

  • Laurie

    The Mardel’s gift card!

  • Heather Shoemake

    Mardel’s Gift Card!

  • joanncalderone

    Journeys of faithfulness. thank you.

  • Lisa Maille

    The typing program and the Mardel gift card are at the top of my list! Thanks for offering such a great giveaway! God Bless!

  • Tiffany M

    Mardel gift card & keyboard classroom. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • RejoicedOver

    Getting to ‘meet’ so many new blogs!

  • Gabreial W.

    Looking forward to the Keyboard!

  • chawksgirl4ever

    Read for the heart ive always wanted it

  • Jamie H.

    I like the Mardel giftcard and the keyboard classroom!

  • mary cousins

    the keyboard classroom is something we could definitely use this year!!

  • Heather Bardin

    What a beautiful basket, having daughters and loving living books, I would love to win, but appreciate the blessing and encouragement you have put together for any family!

  • Virginia H.

    I like the Mardel gift card and the books.

  • SandyN

    I love the box and notecards!

  • Dawn Spurgeon

    I would be excited to have the Read for the Heart Book also the Mardel gift card as we have a very limited budget for school this year it would be a huge blessing.

  • Jen Whitten

    The Mardel Giftcard and Keyboard Classroom! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • danielle

    It’s all great! I would love Read for the Heart and the Mardel gift card.

  • Sarah

    I’m interested the typing curriculum–my third grader would benefit greatly from that!

  • Cyndi

    I like the Clarksons so that’s my fave item (well the gift card is sweet too :) )

  • Somethings Cookin

    Read for the Heart! I have the eBook, but there isn’t a way (with kindle app on phone anyway) to jump around, so it’s quite difficult to use. I LOVE the book, and would LOVE to have the paper copy!

  • Sarah

    I love the fact that people like you give to others out of the goodness of your heart, it is so wonderful. Material wise, I would very much like the Mardel gift card

  • alisha breithaupt

    The part of this I like the best is Read for the Heart!

  • Delia Jones

    I think the Read for the Heart would be my favorite.

  • Laura L.

    The keyboarding is my fav. Thanks!

  • April

    My daughter’s favorite thing was the keyboarding program.

    Thanks for the wonderful prize pack!

  • Daphne

    Great Basket

  • Lesley M

    I am excited for the Mardel giftcard. I had never heard of this company before, so I am excited!

  • Rolla

    I’d like to browse through “Read for the Heart”.

  • Missy Gould

    Excited for “read for the heart” I checked it out from my library and was sad to have to turn it back in!

  • Becky

    I would love the gift card.

  • Tara

    The mardel gift card :) But all of it is exciting, I do not have either sally Clarkson book and I would love them!

  • devotionmama

    the mardel gift card

  • Jessica

    Read for the Heart

  • Rosana

    It is hard to chose; probably the gift card, but the box and note cards are really cute too.

  • Tammy Darling

    I would really like the typing program!

  • Amanda

    The resource books in the basket – hope to win

  • Tamera Boyd

    I like having a chance :)

  • Melissa M.

    I love everything! :)

  • Michelle W.

    “Read for the Heart”! I’ve been wanting to get a book like that.

  • Kelly Schmidt

    The Keyboard Curriculum :-)

  • Pam

    The Keyboard curriculum and Read for the Heart! My son is an avid reader and I can’t keep up with him.

  • judith martinez

    I like the mardel’s gift card best!

  • Merry Jo

    I love it all! :)

  • Bethany

    Mardel gift card!

  • Rachel Poe

    Mardel gift card!!!

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