8 Reading and Writing Activities for Kids who Love Minecraft

homeschooling with minecraft

Every time your child enters their Minecraft world, there is an opportunity for them to learn something new. This week, we’ve been exploring a few ways that we can help them take advantage of these opportunities and learn even more.

The list below includes ideas and activities for multiple ages and many can be adapted to the skill level and interest of your Minecraft loving child.

8 Reading and Writing Activities for Kids who LOVE Minecraft:

  1. Expand on a book they’re reading, or a favorite story by asking them to re-create the setting in Minecraft. Examples: Laura’s homestead from Little House on the Prairie; the Arena from the Hunger Games;  Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. Have them include as many details from their reading as possible!
  2. Ask your child to create a story about their world. Younger kids can dictate their story for you to write.
  3. Help them start a Minecraft journal or scrapbook. Have them take screen shots of the places and things they have built. Print the screen shots and include them in the book or journal. They can then write  summaries describing the picture, how long it took to build and why they love it.
  4. Help them create a Minecraft blog where they can write about what they are doing daily. A blog on WordPress.com gives you the ability to keep their writing and photos private and password protected, if you are concerned about your child having a public blog. Encourage them to write – even just a little- everyday!
  5. Older kids can contribute their ideas and Minecraft knowledge to the MinecraftWiki. *This is also a great place to get some reading practice while learning about their favorite topic!
  6. Work together with early readers to make signs / labels for all of their structures to help them learn new words.
  7. Find a Minecraft guide book that will teach them to build something new or show them short-cuts.  This is reading practice that they will love!
  8. Create a library in Minecraft. Although you cannot name each individual book, you can put up signs for each section -fiction, biography, science etc. Make your library as detailed as possible!
minecraft library

Inside a Minecraft library.

How have you incorporated learning to read and write into your child’s Minecraft obsession? Tell me in the comments!

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