10 Days of Learning with Minecraft

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Every time you turn around, your child is absorbed. On the iPod, on the computer or on their gaming console, they’re deeply involved with Minecraft.

They talk about it daily. “Look Mom, that building looks just like the one I built in Minecraft,” remarked my daughter as we were doing errands around town. She dreams about it too.

Sometimes I worry it’s taking over our life. Instead of fighting it, I’m giving in. For the next 10 days,  Minecraft will be taking over Adorable Chaos!

Whether you homeschool or not, this series can help you expand your child’s learning in a variety of topics while playing a game they love. I’ll share what we’ve been doing here, as well as some terrific ideas inspired by other players (and teachers!) around the world.

Here’s the line up for the 10 Days of Learning with Minecraft:

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