Minecraft History Project – Ideas and Lesson Plan


History can be fascinating. It can also be painfully dull when reduced to names, dates and events. Using a Minecraft based  project to explore a historical period in depth can bring back the excitement and bring on the learning.

Getting started with a Minecraft History Project

  • Pick a topic. What is your child interested in learning more about? The Vikings? Knights and Castles? Pioneers? Ancient Egypt? The Mayan civilization? The Great Wall of China? Ask them!
  • Gather Resources. Find books on your topic with clear pictures (if you plan on replicating structures) and concise details. Add historical fiction whenever possible! Do some internet research together, or try World Book digital encyclopedia.
  • Plan your project. This can be a simple list of details you would like to see included in the project or a specific outline of what your child will create.

Ideas for History Projects with Minecraft:

  • Build a Pyramid – Egyptian, Mayan or Aztec. What were the differences between these pyramids? Were they built for different reasons? Is one type more structurally sound than another? Which was the largest?
  • Consider going beyond a basic pyramid to build the entire city in history. My personal favorite is the Mayan city of Tulum, set on edge of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Build an underground city. Can you create a replica of the Catacombs of Paris or a modern day underground mining town in Australia where the residents rarely head to the surface?
  • Construct the Roman Colosseum, Greek Parthenon or another ancient structure. Learn about the architecture of that time period. Consider downloading a mod to help. Compare illustrations of the original buildings to current images form Google Earth.

I found the following videos to illustrate some of the possibilities of history projects created in Minecraft.

In the first video you’ll see the finished project of a student who was asked to create a sustainable village. Notice how he has covered in depth all of the things necessary to help the villagers survive.

And here’s a great example of a Minecraft history project about Ancient Egypt, created by two young homeschoolers. I love all the details and how they labeled things through out their city!


I put together a short project/lesson plan for Medieval History in pdf form, so you can download and print it. Click on the link below (the easiest way) or use the button below…I promise it really is free! :)

Minecraft Lesson Plan: Click HERE!

This is Day 2 of 10 Days of Minecraft Learning.

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