Resources for Teaching Math with Minecraft

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Don’t tell my kids, but Minecraft is a mathematical game. If you have any doubts, a quick glance will confirm this.  The game can help develop or deepen a child’s spacial awareness and skills. Building and creating with Minecraft requires a solid grasp of symmetry.

The game is educational for these reasons alone, but you can easily expand on this by challenging your child with problem solving,  practicing basic computation skills and exploring higher math concepts in a visual way.

I seem to have an endless number of ideas when it comes to learning history with Minecraft, but math? Not so much. I’ve searched around and found the best resources and teaching ideas to help you (and me) out with this topic.

Resources for Teaching Math with Minecraft:

Math Problems to Challenge your Child

  • Create a mathematical structure (tower or pyramid). When it is complete, calculate how many blocks were used.
  • Build a replica of a historical site to scale.
  • You have 26 arrows to fight off an approaching group of 4 Skeletons. How many arrows can you use on each skeleton and still defeat them?
  • You must keep your castle / home well lit to prevent enemies from spawning in the dark. How many square feet will stay lit with one torch? What is the square footage of your home / castle? How many torches will you need to keep your enemies out?

Learning Math from User Made Minecraft Videos

If your kids have been playing Minecraft for a while, it’s likely that they also spend time watching other people play Minecraft via videos on YouTube.  I don’t understand this obsession, but there are plenty of video lessons that actually teach mathematical concepts. Even higher math.

Here’s a video about figuring out the surface area of rectangular building:

And here’s a lesson in volume:

Do you have any ideas to share? I would love to hear them! Tell me in the comments!

This post is  Day 4 of  my 10 Days of Learning with Minecraft Series.

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