Fashion, Cats and Lyme – The Week in Chaos

Let me start by saying…I feel like my mind trapped in a thick fog.  This makes writing in complete sentences a challenge.  I spend a fair amount of my time trying to determine if I’m suffering from a Lyme relapse or if I’m, you know, just getting old. Then I forget from day to day what conclusion I came to, so I have to start evaluating it  all over again. Since the fog has been going on for weeks, along with massive headaches and joint pain, I’m going to assume that it’s a relapse. Again. I’m finally breaking through the denial and I’ll confirm it with the doctor early next week.

So I’ve been trying to take things slow and not over commit myself. Luckily, my kids are completely capable of enjoying their lives without my constant intervention (or interruption).

Here’s a quick look at all that’s been going on(to the best of my recollection) in our lives lately:

  • The Adventurer completed more than 30,000 words in her NanNoWriMo  Novel.  The process is teaching her so much about writing. She’s learning to work diligently towards a huge goal (a completed 50,000 word novel).   It’s amazing to think that at the end of the month she could have a completed first draft in her hands. She’s 14! Yes, I feel like a slacker, but I’m so proud of my young writer.
  • The girls turned the kitchen into a pottery studio. They spent an entire afternoon at the pottery wheel and the mess (which was considerable) didn’t bother me at all. Serious progress for me!
The Princess, making her very first bowl.

The Princess, making her very first bowl.

  • The girls spent hours and hours in rehearsal this week.  They’ll be performing in You’re  a Good Man Charlie Brown (the Butterfly as Snoopy) and Wicked (the Adventurer as Elphaba) in two short weeks. It’s a ton of hard work, but they love it and I know they are learning.
  • A long day in rehearsal almost always requires  a hot cocoa break next door at the Newtown General Store:
Newtown General Store

Hot cocoa break between activities.

  • The Butterfly is taking a fashion design class once a week with an amazing instructor (who also teaches fashion classes online here). My girl is designing a line of clothes for American Girl Dolls. She was thrilled this week when  she learned to make a wrap skirt using the sewing machine.
Designing doll clothes.

Designing doll clothes.

There was more happening this week, as always,  like time with friends, lessons and cuddling up on the couch with books. Even kitty boy Percy was deeply engaged in his reading. He shares my serious love of books!

cat reading a book

I think he wants me to put the camera down…

This coming week will be hectic (so much for slowing down!) with more rehearsals, a birthday celebration for the Butterfly (it’s the big 1-0) and Thanksgiving. Among other things (like coffee and cats), I’ll be giving thanks that I can still get out of bed in the morning and that I have the luxury of spending my days with my 3 little women.

Oh yes, there’s that doctor appointment to answer the big question: what exactly is my problem?

  • Melanie Chisnall

    Sounds like an amazing week! 🙂 I love how creative your daughters are – always enjoy reading up on how they’re progressing with their hobbies… the fashion design and novel writing sounds great! Can’t agree with you more about the coffee, cats and cuddles – heaven!

  • Cyndi

    WOWOWOWOW! Okay, so I played Peppermint Patty in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown in high school. Oh those songs. They still live in my mind today. 😀
    I’m sorry about the Lyme relapse. Bummer dude. No likee. No likee. :
    But your writer has 30,000 words!?! That’s friggin’ awesome! Tell her that she has an admirer from afar. You all are so freakin’ awesome. I wanna live at your house. 😉

  • (the only good thing) about a relapse is the (possibility) of benefitting from having been through and out the other side once before.
    (give a minute, this makes sense…at least in my head), (an) unknown cause will usually give rise to much more damaging perceptions that will a known…even factoring in the ‘oh damn! not this again!’

    at least it’s not….(fill in your favorite state/disease/condition/stage-of-life)

    hope you feel more… certain (not as good as comfortable, but way better that un-known)