Put Down the Phone and Listen

What are your children trying to tell you?

While I was drinking coffee and tuning out all the noise around me by escaping into my iPhone, I came across a video.

Now I have to get up on my soapbox (placed squarely in front of my mirror) and rant a little. First, watch the video:

I am so very guilty of this lately. I’m often glued to my phone, tablet or computer screen when I should be paying attention to those around me. You know,  being present with the people I love. Listening.

But wait!  A blogger has to constantly check her traffic stats, book sales and all that, right? I need to be present on social media as much as  possible to keep up with everything.

Uh, no. Not really.

It all goes on with out me. I don’t miss anything important. I don’t miss it at all.

And then I came across this next video, which may seem unrelated, but really hit me in the gut. It powerfully illustrates how important it is to take an interest in your child’s interests and actively listen to what they have to say.

If you have a teen,  watch this. If the teen years are way off in the future for your child, watch it anyway. I think the teen years can be awesome and exciting and NOT filled with rebellion and strife…if you keep your focus on loving and supporting your teen and not on expectations pushed at you from outside sources.

It’s never too early to see your child clearly and support them right where they are in this moment.

This spoken word poetry by Suli Breaks.

To hell with the back-up plan. And let’s purposely forget the phones.

What are your children telling you today? What are they dreaming about? What are they working on? What makes them laugh? What can you do to support them on their unique path?


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Professional freelance writer. Homeschool mom of three girls. Introvert and rebel. Life learner. Coffee addict.

  • Cyndi

    Watched both videos. Amazing. That spoken poetry was so moving – and I don’t even have kiddos. I just know that as a teacher, I ask students – even at the wonderful school where I work – to please keep seated, hands to self, don’t distract…- I always still feel crummy about it. There’s a part of me that wants to tell them, “Run, run like you’re in the woods, feeling the earth and carefree! Run and make noise and don’t sit in a stuffy classroom!” But…in the end, I suppose it’s a game of balance: balance between guidance, even if it’s stern, and freedom to allow our loved ones make decisions, even if we think they may be making the wrong one. Wonderful post.

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