Yes, I Miss Summer. And Babies.

It snowed again today. It was a mere 5 inches (I’m guessing).  The first 3 or 4 storms of the season are charming. We stay inside, build a fire and eat warm comfort food while gazing out the window admiring mother nature’s beautiful work.

This was the 13 storm of the season. We have ice dams threatening our roof and icicles that could be deadly (if someone where to lie down and wait for them to fall).

Now, instead of hiding inside (like I’d prefer) we’re going to go about our life as usual. Snow or no snow, we’re going out. And we’re going to enjoy ourselves, damn it!

Anyway,  I’m obviously  missing summer. I’ve spent a lot of time inside with my little women lately and I’ve become painfully aware that they’re hardly little anymore. The Adventurer is nearly my height. The Butterfly is a true tween now and my little Princess is…not so little. Even though I try to baby her, she’s very independent, knows what she likes /hates and has no problem expressing it.

I love the amazing people they are right at this moment, but a small part of me can’t help miss the time when they were tiny.

Enjoying a dance class for the first time…

Toddler ballet class.

Toddler ballet class.

Or discovering the thrill of inflatable water slides…

waterslides 011

Summer fun.

Or exploring a river on a warm summer day…

hodge park, roxbury

Roxbury CT

Yes, I miss summer. My good attitude about the cold is wearing thin. There are only 30 days until spring (only?). We can make it. And as for the babies? They’ll always be my babies, no matter how tall and independent they become.

Sunset Swim

Summer will come…eventually.

  • Melanie Chisnall

    Oh good. If there’s only 30 days left to spring that means there’s only 30 days left to autumn over here, hallalooya! I don’t mind a warm day here and there, but much prefer cooler weather. Of course we don’t get the snow storms that you do, but it gets pretty darn cold. At least when it’s freezing I can get warm. When it’s boiling hot here, even an ice cold shower doesn’t help. 30 days and counting, we can do this!

  • popped in from Melissa’s blog – hope the snow weather does not last much longer 🙂

  • Karen Terry

    I miss Summer too. We had a tease of it this past week, temps in the high 60’s and even 74° one day! I also miss Keilee being little so badly. Here’s to warmer weather and girls that grow up SLOWLY!!

  • I will choose to ignore the Comment from our friend Melanie. Clearly living upside down has an effect on one’s sensibilities. They get to go to the beach during Christmas vacation…just not right.