Learning to Shine

I know, I know. You’re sick of me writing about my kids performing. You’re tired of watching me grapple with the  stage-mother within. Still, I have two things to say.

1. This is the face of victory.  The director wanted her to own the stage as the Queen of Hearts in Alice: A New Musical.  She did. She performed last week at Edmund Town Hall in Newtown, CT.

Playing the Queen of Hearts in Alice: A New Musical

Playing the Queen of Hearts in Alice: A New Musical

2. Now that my oldest has slayed her dragons, she’s thinking about taking a break from performing to pursue other interests. She wants to change the world, and although the stage is one way to do that, she feels that she gets far too wrapped up in the selfish side of being a performer.

Parenting is full of surprises.  And this particular turn of events says so much to me about what is happening here.

She’s growing up.

She’s learning to choose her path with care.

Where ever that path takes her next, I will be there in the audience, teary-eyed as usual,  cheering her on.

  • Emily (OhBoyMom)

    Wow, in that photo, you can really see her passion for playing that role. Clearly, she will bring that passion to her new pursuits, whatever they may be. I admire her maturity to know when it feels right to take a break and try something else.

  • Karen Terry

    I love the picture and the joy that it captures but I am blown away by her words. Acting is selfish and I too fight the ‘stage Mom’ that rears its head at times. Keilee is thinking of taking a break this summer too. More because I don’t have the gas to get her back and forth to practice 3-4 times a week in a nearby city but she won’t admit that is why. Your daughter is lovely. They are all growing up too fast.