Love Your Mayhem

This book is a small collection of my writing from the past 5 years on the topic of learning to love your life as a mom. It isn’t at all serious. It won’t make you feel like a failure as a parent, and it is not a book of instructions.

It’s lighthearted encouragement to help you keep on giving your best, laugh at the mistakes and forgive yourself and your kids along the way.

Love Your Mayhem Book Cover

What readers are saying:

 I just finished reading your book, in one sitting, which is testament to how much I enjoyed it. It was “laugh out loud” funny …I may have even snorted once or twice which is not a good look! Thanks for the insights -it all resonated very deeply with me. Cheers, Jenny

I just finished reading this book after purchasing it through the Omnibus sale. Thank you! This was a great reminder for me to loosen up and enjoy the now.


From the first page:

I’m on quest. I long to be a peaceful, loving mama, filled with patience and humor and quick to expel all things that make my soul feel sticky and gross.

I want to be a peacemaker in the world. I want to be a peacemaker in my world.  Is it possible? Am I simply a hopeful, idealistic sap who thinks we can all live happily together in the chaos of daily life, when the outside world is indifferent and often cruel? Can our home be a safe haven always? And can I accomplish this by loving the heck out of my mayhem and being constantly thankful for my three little women and the chaos they bring?

Yes. I think so. If it doesn’t work, we can’t possibly be worse off for trying.

You can’t love your mayhem every moment of every day. You can’t ignore all the hurt that happens around you. You can’t leave the spilled OJ on the floor indefinitely. You can’t put off the tough conversations that must happen with your teen. You can’t avoid the heartbreak of standing over a hospital bed holding your precious child. You can’t avoid the fear and the doubt when it sneaks in quietly or comes barreling down the hallway like a bull.

You can’t avoid it all, but you can continue to search for the peace, the joy and the grace in the small moments where life IS.  I know it all seems ordinary. There may not be a crowd cheering you on as you embrace the wildness, but know that what you are doing is nothing less than heroic.

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