High School Homeschool Lessons with Uzinggo

There is one aspect of homeschooling high school that has worried me for quite some time. How do I teach higher level math and science? I am all for learning along side my girls, but algebra? Chemistry? Can you hear my whining voice? Do I have to relearn geometry?

The answer is no! Homeschooling parents cover  high level subjects in a variety of ways,  including classes at a local co-op, private tutors or online curriculum. There are some great resources to help your student excel in these subjects that don’t require mom hit the refresh button on your memory (if only it was that easy). In this review, I’ll share my new favorite resource: Uzinggo. Uzinggo Math and Science Review

 I was compensated  for my time reviewing this product. The following review contains my own, honest opinions based on many hours spent with my daughter evaluating and testing out this resource. You’ll find a generous discount and giveaway from Uzinggo below.

This semester, my daughter is learning with  the Uzinggo High School Ultimate Package, which includes interactive math and science classes. She is currently in 9th grade and is working her way through the biology and algebra programs.

The Benefits of Uzinggo Science and Math Lessons

It’s really important for my daughter to enjoy what she is learning and to be actively engaged with the material.  This program does that through clear and varied lessons. Lessons run between 10- 20 minutes, but she often chooses to complete several in one sitting. The first day she tried the program she said, “This isn’t bad at all.” That’s a huge compliment coming from a 14 year-old who is rarely enthusiastic about math and science! She likes it. Here are some of the benefits of the program:

  • Virtual science labs.
  • Printable worksheets to reinforce learning and practice new concepts.
  • Visual illustrations of concepts.
  • Interactive lessons that can easily be repeated when necessary.
  • Clear and simple reporting features that enable parents to view their students progress.
  • Self paced, allowing your student to move quickly through topics they understand and slowly through those they find challenging.

    Choosing a Zing Path to Learning

    Choosing a Zing Path to Learning

Why choose an online resource for high school math and science?

For us, choosing an online curriculum for math and science makes sense. Uzinggo is very affordable in comparison to a tutor or a local class. Math and science are not included in my daughter’s long list of passions, but Uzinggo has made the process of learning biology and algebra more enjoyable.  She loves the interactive nature of the lessons. In our homeschool, we like to invest our time (including drive time) and our resources  on the subjects my girls love most. As for the subjects that simply need to get done as a requirement, it works better for us to be able to get them done at home on our own schedule.

What about using Uzinggo with a younger child who loves science or math?

My younger daughter (age 10) loves science and plans on becoming a veterinarian when she grows up. I have found her peeking over her sister’s shoulder while she is working on biology. Although she currently takes an advanced science class with local homeschool group, I think she would love to use Uzinggo’s  Middle School Ultimate Program for grades 5-8.  We plan on getting her started in January and letting her work through the topics that interest her most.  With over 1,000 lessons for grades 5-12, I think she will find plenty of information to keep her happy!

Learning Biology with Uzinggo

Learning Biology with Uzinggo

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Ready for a giveaway? Uzinggo is generously giving away a Ultimate Package! The winner can chose between the high school or middle school program, both valued at $134.95! The winner will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen.

  • Kyle @ Aspired Living

    We have already started using a bit of “computerized” math with our Saxon drive CD’s. This is the main question I get when I tell folks that I plan to homeschool through High School is how will I teach High School Science and Math. It seems to me if you can read you can teach these things but that it’s really a matter for me of how many brain cells I want to kill trying to teach them. My answer is none! Well, I’ve got to get back to my coffee now 😉 (BTW I am visiting you from a Google+) http://aspiredliving.net

  • Karen Terry

    I have heard of this. Keilee would love any sort of Science class. ????

  • Rebecca

    Uzinggo seems to be what I’m looking for to teach middle school science to my 8th grader.

  • I have entered the contest. I hope I win. (You will have to help me find someone to teach if I do win, as we do not have children at home. lol)
    I enjoy your blog nevertheless.

  • Lea

    Hi. Glad I found your review. We are considering using Uzinggo for my daughter’s 9th grade biology lessons. Do you need to complete all of the lessons for, say, biology, or can you pick and choose which lessons or ZingPaths to do for a school year?

  • Amy

    You can pick and choose what path to take. My daughter eventually completed them all, but you definitely don’t have to!

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